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It's been quite awhile since I have updated my bio here. There are so many things that I have to do.
I'm still into Arashi and still keep watching Arashi's and concerts and listen to Arashi's songs almost all the time now. I really like their songs ^^

Right now, another group that I'm getting interesting to other than Arashi is Kinki Kids, I've come to like Domoto Koichi ^^ I think it was because his solo stageplay, 'Endless Shock' He's really cool :D and then I started to watch Kinki Kids's TV Show and Koichi is really really funny. That made me like him even more. I think what's make the show fun is because of Koichi. I think he really makes the show make more interesting and really fun. ^^

I also started to listen to Domoto Koichi's songs more especially from his solo singles and albums and even the songs from his stageplay. I really like them a lot. There are a few songs that I can always listen to them. And what I like is that in some of those songs, there are songs that Koichi wrote the lyrics or composed the music himself. ^^

By the way, I'm still like NewS and Kat-tun [for those of you who didn't really see me talk about NewS and Kat-tun as much as I used to]

And again My best favorite drama is still Maou. Ohno was really good acted in this drama. I think that was the best J-drama I have ever watched and..

Now, my second favorite drama has become "The Quiz Show II"

Recently, my last drama I watched was "NatsuNiji" [Matsumoto Jun]It such a sweet love drama story. MatsuJun was really cute in this drama. Not only that, we don't really see MatsuJun in this kind or role too :)

Nino was in a drama, 'Freeter,...' last year. I still didn't get to watch the drama yet. I'm gonna have to find sometimes to watch this drama. It seems like it's a pretty serious drama ne

Sho-chan is going to have a movie next year and his character is a doctor too ^^ Can't wait to see Sakurai-sensei ^^ and also Nino's movie in 'GANTZ', I'm looking forward to this one too.

As for this year, Arashi has released so many singles and plus album and 5x10 concert DVD. Arashi SUGOI !!! And for this year, 2011, their first single of this year is 'Lotus' a theme song for Aiba-chan's drama, "Bartender" I was kind of watch this drama already, but kind of skipping here and there since I don't have time to watch the whole thing. ^^" I'm gonna have to watch this drama again someday ^^

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Update: April 26, 2011