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Update the Result of Arashi Meme

Again, Thank you very much to people who had shared their answers to Arashi Meme ^^

The question was..
Which Arashi member would you want to be your:
A. Older Brother
B. Younger Brother
C. Cousin
D. Close Friend
E. Boyfriend

And here is the Result ^^

There are  now total of 86 people answered this meme including myself  ^^ Last time, the total was 67

Ohno Satoshi
Older Brother = 10          ----->   15
Younger Brother = 12     ----->   13
Cousin = 15                     ----->   24
Close Friend = 17           ----->   20
Boyfriend = 13                  ----->  14    

Sakurai Sho
Older Brother = 25          ----->  32
Younger Brother = 6       ----->   6
Cousin = 3                       ----->   4
Close Friend = 8             -----> 12
Boyfriend = 25                 ----->  32

Aiba Masaki
Older Brother = 6            ----->  8
Younger Brother = 27    -----> 33
Cousin = 12                    -----> 14
Close Friend = 12         -----> 16
Boyfriend = 10                -----> 14

Ninomiya Kazunari
Older Brother = 8           -----> 8
Younger Brother = 12   -----> 21
Cousin = 22                   -----> 26
Close Friend = 13         -----> 16
Boyfriend = 12                -----> 15

Matsumoto Jun
Older Brother = 18         -----> 23
Younger Brother = 10    -----> 12
Cousin = 16                    -----> 20
Close Friend = 16         -----> 21
Boyfriend = 7                  -----> 10
So... What do you think of the result? ^^ Please leave a comment here in this post :) 

If anyone didn't get to answer the question yet or didn't see the question and you want to answer the question,  please follow this link and leave your answer there --> ARASHI MEME  <---- I'm going to close the post this Saturday night or maybe Sunday night.  If you want to answer the question, you  might want to answer before Saturday night.  

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, just leave me a question in this post.

Thank you very much  :)


The Result of Arashi Meme :D

First of all, Thank you very much to people who had shared their answers to Arashi Meme ^^
I really enjoy reading all your comments. ^^

The question was..
Which Arashi member would you want to be your:
A. Older Brother
B. Younger Brother
C. Cousin
D. Close Friend
E. Boyfriend

And here is the Result ^^

There are total of 67 people answered this meme including myself  ^^ If there will be more people answer the question I will update the result later :)

But for now... here is the result ^^

Ohno Satoshi
Older Brother = 10
Younger Brother = 12
Cousin = 15
Close Friend = 17
Boyfriend = 13     

Sakurai Sho
Older Brother = 25
Younger Brother = 6
Cousin = 3
Close Friend = 8
Boyfriend = 25

Aiba Masaki
Older Brother = 6
Younger Brother = 27
Cousin = 12
Close Friend = 12
Boyfriend = 10

Ninomiya Kazunari
Older Brother = 8
Younger Brother = 12
Cousin = 22
Close Friend = 13
Boyfriend = 12

Matsumoto Jun
Older Brother = 18
Younger Brother = 10
Cousin = 16
Close Friend = 16
Boyfriend = 7
So... What do you think of the result? ^^ Please leave a comment here in this post :)

and here is the link for people who didn't get to see the question or didn't get to answer the question yet :) 
Please follow this link and leave your answer there --> ARASHI MEME
Thank you very much ^^


Arashi Meme ^^

Hello Everyone, How are you all doing ^^

When I was watching Arashi, I came up with an idea ^^  and just so you know right now, it will be just for fun and nothing serious :D

I wanted to ask you all this question for quite some time already but I wasn't quite sure what exactly I want to ask and so.. here is the question ^^

Which Arashi member would you want to be your:

A. Older Brother
B. Younger Brother
C. Cousin
D. Close Friend
E. Boyfriend 

Please leave your answers/comments in this post ^^ 

Here is my answer as an example ^^

This would be my answer ^^ and you don't have to give a long reason like mine or if you decide not to give any reasons, that's fine too. Up to you :)

Older Brother ---> Matsumoto Jun ---  Even though he's serious but he can also be so kind and he takes care of other people. I'm sure he would be very nice to a younger sister or younger brother. If his younger brother/sister has a problem, I think Jun will listen, help and cheer them up ^^

Younger Brother ---> Aiba Masaki --- He's full of energy. He will make me smile everyday because of his smile and his laugh :D To have a brother like Aiba-chan will brighten my day ^^ [Even though he's older than me :P but as I said this is just for fun :) ]


Cousin ---> Ohno Satoshi --- We all know that Oh-chan is good at artwork and I like to work with art too. I think it would be nice to have someone in your family who is good at art and we can work on something together ^^

Close Friend
---> Ninomiya Kazunari --- I think Nino will be able to help me with various things ^^ He knows how to handle things nicely :D  Even though he's not perfect in everything but his common sense and knowledge would help people a lot  :D

Boyfriend ---> Sakurai Sho --- Since Sho is a newscaster, he knows many things.  It would be nice to learn new things from him. Sometimes he's funny but I think he can be someone I can rely on too. If there's a problem, I'm sure he can help and he will cheer me up with his sweet smile ^^ 

edited by arashitonews    ขอบใจนะจ๊ะ


VS Arashi

Hello Minna-san,

Today is another day, ne?

Nothing much for me to say but I will just leave a comment about VS Arashi because I just watched the new episode that yuckie-chan and jeffer has subbed it for us fans to watch.

As always, they played against the two guests. I don't know the two guests so I'll be talking about Arashi instead.

The first game they were playing was Cliff Climbing, I love the pair of this first game very much. It's Oh-chan and Aiba-chan. My two Favorite in Arashi, ne.?  ^_^
Aiba-chan did pretty good on climbing up and used his foot to press the button. Very nice, ne? He was climbing pretty fast. Oh-chan has to give the handle thing to Aiba-chan and he did a good job too. Not bad at all. Good Job!!

The next game is the Rolling Coin Tower, the two that played in this game was Sho-chan and Nino. But the funny part before the game start was when oh-chan, our leader here, started to talk and give suggestion to Sho-chan. Leader is not normally talk ^-^ then he said, 'for some reason I just talk" and when Nino talked to him, he didn't say anything and Nino asked if Oh-chan is going to talk or not talk.  ^^ 
The way Sho-chan put down the coins was ok and Nino, he scared me a bit because it looked dangerous and can fall anytime. But that was fun and Arashi won the game. ^_^ 

The last game was the Falling Pipe. Aiba-chan did well, good timing. MatsuJun good at this game. I've never seen him get the points below a hundred, always above a hundred. He's really good at this game, ne?  ^-^

At the end, Arashi had a higher points. ^_^

That's all I want to share for today.

[Feel free to share what you think in VS Arashi]

[I might have said something that's make no sense or wrong grammar, sorry about that. My english is not that great]



Positive Thinking

Right now my favorite group at this moment in JE is Arashi.

I want to ask you guys to come up with the good and positive things about Arashi or you can say what made you like/love Arashi. ^^

You don't have to give me a long list. You can just give me three or four pointsor if you just want to say one, that's fine too . 
But it has to have a good meaning, no bad words here.  Just leave a comment in this post.
If you want to talk about any particular person in Arashi that's fine too. But no compare with other group or say bad thing about them or within Arashi.

Here this is mine:
They're so kawaii and hard working.
Very Energetic
Their smile and laugh alway make me happy

I can't really think of the words right now, so if you have anything feel free to share.

[PS.I did this just for fun. I don't mean any harm to anyone or anything. As I said, just for fun]



I've been posting anything for a long time, ne?

Right now I'm so in Arashi. After I have watch some clips of Arashi,I've become addicted to Arashi very much.

I also listen to their songs most of the time now. That's why my last couple posts are all arashi.  I fwill still posting NewS and Kat-tun's stuff but right now it seem to be Arashi at the moment. :D 

I was watching Maou that Ohno was the lead role couple weeks ago, which made me addicted to Arashi even more. :P 

That's all I want to share for today. :D

Arashi PVs

I was looking forth old PVs of Arashi and I found them almost all of them including the PVs from other JE but none of them have the subbed.
But in case anyone want to dl them to watch.
Here is the link to the page, :  OLD PVS
and I think it would be nice if you leave a comment to the person who post this because there're a lot of the old PVs.

That's all I want to share for today. :)


Nino's letter to Arashi

I found someone has translated Nino's letter on 24HRs TV show from last year. It was the letter that he wrote to members in Arashi.

Here is the link to the translation ---> Nino's Letter


Arashi - Hero

Hello Everyone,

I have a song from Arashi to share real quick. It's call Hero.
It's a nice song.  You will like this song. If anyone interested, feel free to take this song.

Here is the link --> Arashi - Hero

"Have a great weekend"

**[Please leave me a comment if taking]
Thank you.



Hi everyone.
I just want to say something really quick.
I thought I'll be able to share some stuff for you guys sometimes next week but I don't think I'll be able to share them to you.

My computer has the problem and I need to fix them first. So... next week I will be disappear almost the whole week (hopefully), please be patient.
 I will share something to you guys as soon as I come back. (Hopefully.)

Thank you :D