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sorry and talk about Kaibutsu-kun

First of all,
I said from my last post that I'm going to share Oh-chan icons for his birthday,but apparently I didn't.
I REALLY SORRY about that. Not that I didn't want to share them, I have finished the icons, but when I was trying to post them, they didn't work. The image of the icons didn't show up, but instead it had an x mark. I don't know why.
I have tried couple times, still not working.
If anyone can tell me how to fix of post the icons on my LJ, please let me know.

Back to the main topic for today, :)

Let's talk about Kaibutsu-kun, the series,

I'm sure most of you have watched the series the drama already or at least had watched ^^ If anyone of you haven't watched yet, please watch, you will love Oh-chan even more and see how cute he is in the drama. :D

I have watched this drama for quite sometimes... gonna have to think about it a bit...

Let's go the Kaibutsu-kun World !!

Episode 1,

In the first episode...
Gonna have to say that Oh-chan is really good at playing a kid... isn't he like a kid even though he was 30. Wasn't that amazing ^^ and the cute part was when he wanted to go back to Kaibutsu-kun land, but he couldn't and so he was crying like a baby. I'm sure you know which part I'm talking about ne :)   This has to be my favorite scene in this episode. He's a cute "Mmonster" ne  Kaibutsu-kun made me laugh every time he did something a little boy would do.... :P   

When I watched the first episode, I have no clue how's the drama will be like at all and had no idea how the story will go especially the end of the first episode when Hiroshi saw the real kaibutsu-kun.  I thought they won't be able to get along with each other.

Talking about their costumes.... for Kaibutsu-kun... that's quite amazing ne ^^
I have to say that at first I'm not really sure if that would fit Oh-chan, but after I watched for couple epsiodes I got used to what he wore :P  But right now, I just love Kaibutsu-kun, he's cute ne ^^  

Tomorrow will be the 2nd episode unless I remember something more in the first episode then maybe I will talk about it more... :)

Feel Free to share your idea of Kaibutsu-kun


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Dec. 20th, 2011 09:39 pm (UTC)
LOL~~ I still need to finish watching it!!~~~

I watched the first few but then school started so I stopped. I will have to go back and start over~ 555
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