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It's November....

Hi Everyone, How are you guys ? ^^

I'm sure most of you should know that this month is Ohno's month ne :) He's going to turn 31 soon [yet, he doesn't even look like 30 :P ]

First, I was thinking maybe I will share the icons of Arashi, but I change my mind. Since this is Oh-chan's month, I will be sharing Oh-chan icons ONLY. Not in this post, but maybe in couple hours or couple days, I don't know yet. I'm gonna have to look for a good images of Oh-chan first and I will start to make some icons. It's going to be a simple ones, just so you know :)

Second, Have you guys watched Sho-chan's drama ? Isn't he really cool and knows everything ^^ In case some of you haven't watched yet I'm not going to say much so... if you haven't watched... don't forget to watch ne :) 

Third, A few of you may know that I'm in Bangkok, Thailand. And you should heard the news about the flood. I'm still ok, no water has come near my house yet. I hope it won't come at all though. ^^"

Last, I'm sure you can see one egg and one mouse, just click on them... and the new window will open up... after the page is load... you can just close it and don't even have to read anything, but if you want to read that's fine too.
I just need clicks for the egg and the mouse that's all . 
Thank you very much :) 
I think that's all for now. ^^

Adopt your own virtual pet today!

Adopt your own virtual pet today!



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Nov. 15th, 2011 06:24 am (UTC)
I haven't watched it yet.. it's not done~~~~
I've already broken my rule about subbed dramas ><" haha. We'll see~~~

I clicked on them!!!

Keep me updated!!! I hear it's a little better right now over there~~
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Arashi icon credit to pinkandroid LJ

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