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It's been over half a year...

Hi Everyone ^^

I haven't posted anything for more than half a year ^^" This is going to be a bit boring post.....  

I'm so busy with my work... lot of things to do everyday... 

I don't really have time to post anything right now, but I will try to find more time. I think I will be less busy in couple weeks. When I have more time...I will have to update a lot of things around here. I'm able to check others, but don't have time to update my own LJ ^^"  In couple week I hope I will be able to talk more, but for now I will have to go back to work first. 

Hope in couple weeks I will be able to update my LJ more [if there are no changes in the future ne ^^" ]

That's all for now.. 

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sorry and talk about Kaibutsu-kun

First of all,
I said from my last post that I'm going to share Oh-chan icons for his birthday,but apparently I didn't.
I REALLY SORRY about that. Not that I didn't want to share them, I have finished the icons, but when I was trying to post them, they didn't work. The image of the icons didn't show up, but instead it had an x mark. I don't know why.
I have tried couple times, still not working.
If anyone can tell me how to fix of post the icons on my LJ, please let me know.

Back to the main topic for today, :)

Let's talk about Kaibutsu-kun, the series,

I'm sure most of you have watched the series the drama already or at least had watched ^^ If anyone of you haven't watched yet, please watch, you will love Oh-chan even more and see how cute he is in the drama. :D

I have watched this drama for quite sometimes... gonna have to think about it a bit...

Let's go the Kaibutsu-kun World !!

Episode 1,

In the first episode...
Gonna have to say that Oh-chan is really good at playing a kid... isn't he like a kid even though he was 30. Wasn't that amazing ^^ and the cute part was when he wanted to go back to Kaibutsu-kun land, but he couldn't and so he was crying like a baby. I'm sure you know which part I'm talking about ne :)   This has to be my favorite scene in this episode. He's a cute "Mmonster" ne  Kaibutsu-kun made me laugh every time he did something a little boy would do.... :P   

When I watched the first episode, I have no clue how's the drama will be like at all and had no idea how the story will go especially the end of the first episode when Hiroshi saw the real kaibutsu-kun.  I thought they won't be able to get along with each other.

Talking about their costumes.... for Kaibutsu-kun... that's quite amazing ne ^^
I have to say that at first I'm not really sure if that would fit Oh-chan, but after I watched for couple epsiodes I got used to what he wore :P  But right now, I just love Kaibutsu-kun, he's cute ne ^^  

Tomorrow will be the 2nd episode unless I remember something more in the first episode then maybe I will talk about it more... :)

Feel Free to share your idea of Kaibutsu-kun

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It's November....

Hi Everyone, How are you guys ? ^^

I'm sure most of you should know that this month is Ohno's month ne :) He's going to turn 31 soon [yet, he doesn't even look like 30 :P ]

First, I was thinking maybe I will share the icons of Arashi, but I change my mind. Since this is Oh-chan's month, I will be sharing Oh-chan icons ONLY. Not in this post, but maybe in couple hours or couple days, I don't know yet. I'm gonna have to look for a good images of Oh-chan first and I will start to make some icons. It's going to be a simple ones, just so you know :)

Second, Have you guys watched Sho-chan's drama ? Isn't he really cool and knows everything ^^ In case some of you haven't watched yet I'm not going to say much so... if you haven't watched... don't forget to watch ne :) 

Third, A few of you may know that I'm in Bangkok, Thailand. And you should heard the news about the flood. I'm still ok, no water has come near my house yet. I hope it won't come at all though. ^^"

Last, I'm sure you can see one egg and one mouse, just click on them... and the new window will open up... after the page is load... you can just close it and don't even have to read anything, but if you want to read that's fine too.
I just need clicks for the egg and the mouse that's all . 
Thank you very much :) 
I think that's all for now. ^^

Adopt your own virtual pet today!

Adopt your own virtual pet today!
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Hello Everyone !

Hello Everyone, How are you guys?
I haven't post anything for a longest time ne ^^ I think it has been four months since my last post.

To those who added me ....

I have never asked this before... but since people started to add me more and more I decided to do this.

1. If you added me I don't mind. I really appreciate that and thank you very much for adding me. :) 

2.. If you're adding me and you want me to add you back there is something that I want you to do. ... Leave me a comment in this post saying ....  
    a. Your name
    b. Country you came from
    c. Your favorite Johnny's .   
    d. What is your favorite JE songs. [You can tell me 1 song or 2-3 songs, Up to you]

3. To those of you who had added me a long time ago, you can also answers these questions. 

4. I would be happy if you read my post and I'll be more happier if you leave me a comment. It doesn't has to be long. It could be a short one.  You can even say that you have read it or just say ok. I just want to know if there anyone read my post. 

5. You don't have to read my post or comment every time... it just that  only very few people really talk to me through LJ. [That's another reason why I didn't really post anything much on my LJ]

I thought I'm going to talk about JE, but I think I should do that for next time. And I know it's going to be long, but I don't even know what am I going to talk about yet.... :P All I can say that it will be a long one since I haven't posted anything for a long time.  

Anyways, that's all for now... ^^

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Hello ^^

Hello Everyone, How are you?

This time, I thought that I was going to share more of Arashi's icons, but I don't have a chance to make more yet... gonna have to wait a little bit. When I have time I will make some. :)

Also, not only Arashi icons, but also Kinki Kids icons, I know some of you may not interesting in Kinki Kids, but since I mostly have Arashi icons, I decided to make some of Kinki Kids, Domoto Koichi too. ^^ 

Next is the Update about JE but not so new though :P

1.  The drama, Bartender had just ended  not too long ago and so... for those of you who haven't watched yet, please don't forget to watch. I haven't watch the drama either. :P

2. Right now, I'm looking forward to watch Sho-chan's SP drama and Nino's movie, I'm sure you know what am I talking about :)

3. Yamapi had just come to Bangkok, Thailand this past weekend. He had a concert here for two days. Unfortunately, I didn't get to go to his concert, but I have heard that the concert was really good :D

4. I have heard that Kat-tun will come to Thailand for their concert on Oct. this year too. :)   I hope someday Arashi will be able to come to Thailand again. I'm sure not to miss it (I think :P)

5. That's all for now... I can't really think of anything right now. ^^' 

6. I'm sure you can see the image of an egg with the tail at the bottom, just click on the egg for me. It will open up the new window/page. You don't have to read everything, you can just close it. But please just click on it. That's all I need. :)  Thank you ^^  

Pet Adoptable Virtual Pets

Adopt your own virtual pet today!

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Arashi Icons - Lotus

This is the first time I have made icons and share to everyone.

Arashi Icons - Lotus Shop Photos










Added Two more icons; Nino: 

Please leave me a cooment if you take any icons, I just want to know how many people grap the icons. Thank you.  :)

scans  credit saobang2211 

As of icons credit me akakame_pi   

If anyone wants to have all 10 icons I have made please PM me and I will give you the link to dl  so that you don't have to go one by one.

I'm sure everyone knows about Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan.

Please go to arashi_on  if you would like to help. It's the first post, right at the top.  



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Happy Valentine's Day /update

Hello Everyone ^^

Happy Valentine's Day :) I know this might be a bit late, but better than not say it at all, right? ^^

I haven't posted anything in my onw journal for about four months now. Even though I thought that I might be able to post something at least once a week or something.

But that's not happening ne ^^"

Let me update a bit, Well... actually, this might be a bit long ^^'

Right now, I'm thinking that I'm quite going around watching JE. I mean not just Arashi that I'm into right now, but I'm going all the way up to Daisempai like Kondo Masahiko [Matchy-san] and Shonentai especially Higashiyama Noriyuki-san ^^  and also a bit of Arashi's sempai like Kinki Kids, Domoto Koiichi :) and right now, I'm watching V6, Okada Junichi ^^'  I was watching a bit of TOKIO too.  Just a bit here and there of each group ^^

You might be questioning why am I watch Daisempai, they're getting older ne :P  Actually Daisempai is really funny. They're totally funny. That's why I've come to understand why Arashi is so fun to watch. They just got their funny part from their sempai ^^ And sometimes I think Daisempai more hype and energetic than Kouhai too ^^' Pretty funny :D

That's what I'm looking into right now. :P And Don't worry, I'm not that into into it to the point that I'm not doing anything else.  I still haven't gotten to watch drama that much either. I do watch them, but I'm ending up skipping lot of parts. I don't really have time to actually watch the whole thing. ^^'  I still haven't watched Nino's latest drama, Freeter yet by the way ^^'  

I think that's all for now. 
Next time I will tell you more, so you know more of JE bit, it's quite interesting actually. Not as boring as you would think. ^^ 

Will shortly update in couple days [hopefully] 

Tama-chan desu :)  



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Long time no talk ^^

Hello Everyone How are you guys ?

I am so sorry that I have disappeared for a longest time ever from my journal and didn't post anything since last year. 

I have not disappeared from my LJ. I'm still around checking stuff  to see what's going on.

I've become Arashi's fan for about almost two years, not two years yet.  :P

If anyone see my comments in other journals or communities.,then you're know that I'm around. I just didn't get to post anything on my journal that's all. ^^'

I just don't know what to post on my own journal. ^^'

I'm trying to think what to post, maybe I might post something about Arashi :P We'll see ne ^^ 

That's all for now.
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Arashi Meme #2

Hello Everyone ^^ How are you all doing? 

I have finally finished with the summer school and I will have about  two weeks of summer break.
And so... I take this opportunity to come up with another Arashi Meme #2 :D

Here is the question :

If you get to play games in VS Arashi and you get to play 5 games which are :

A) Cliff Climb
B) Rolling Coin Tower
C) Falling Pipe 
D) Pinball Runner
E) Bank Bowling

You can only pick one member to play with you on each game. Which member would you choose to play on each game?

[Hope you understand the question]

Here is my answer as an example  :

A) Cliff Climb --->                       Aiba Masaki 
B) Rolling Coin Tower ---->       Sakurai Sho
C) Falling Pipe   --->                  Matsumoto Jun
D) Pinball Runner --->                Ohno Satoshi
E) Bank Bowling --->                  
Ninomiya Kazunari 

This time I don't put up the reason for each one of them  ^^

But If  you want to explain why, you can say it but you don't have to, just an answer itself is ok. :)

Please leave your comment/answer in this post :)

Thank you very much ^^